About Dr. Miyasaka Optometry LLC

Best Optometrist in Honolulu

At Dr. Miyasaka Optometry LLC, you'll find an optometry practice that caters to patients with various visual disorders, from short and long-sightedness, to sports exams and dry eyes. I have highly skilled optometrist knowledge and equipment that will work with you to improve your vision and enhance your quality ...

More About Me

Besides my clinic, I also have some sports-related business when I started after taking care of some patients with my sports vision exams and treatments. If you are looking for any kind of sports gear, basketball league or a non-profit basketball young organization in Honolulu please check my Partners Section and ...

Get The Correct Prescription From A Qualified Professional

Your journey with me begins with an eye examination, during which my specialist skills will determine the proper prescription for your vision. I have a wide range of glasses and contact lenses with many frames and lens options for you to choose from to find a style to suit you best. I also offer prescription ...


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